Trying To Get Caught Up

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

I’m trying new fonts on News Goat — what do you think? It goes against the print rules of serif for body and sans-serif for headings, but I tried that and didn’t like it.

I was almost finished writing about fixing the ceiling. Unfortunately, I just deleted it, thinking I was getting rid of an old copy. No, it’s not in the recycling bin. Fortunately, the old copy that I should have been deleting is still there.

The Mensa party went surprisingly well. Some new people showed up who I hope we’ll see at future events.

This weekend, Angela’s parents are going to visit. They’re going to help us paint the walls in the family room. Then, just after they leave, Angela’s sister & brother-in-law will drop by on their way home from Branson. It’s nice to get to see everybody without leaving the house… :-)