Weekends & Websites

Monday, March 4, 2002

Our various websites are coming along nicely. News Goat, as you can see, is working well. If you look closely enough at some of the old entries, you might find one or two with bad links. I’m going to go through and fix those. Crafty Goat is up & working in its new home. Even Mystical Meatballs is ready for visitors. I’m not sure, though, if the world is ready for Mystical Meatballs… :-)

Rebuilding The Mensa site was almost too easy. It took very little tweaking to put everything back in order. We were very lucky not to have lost anything.

I’m trying to be more active with the Mensa site — particularly now, while the judges are watching. My goal is at least one new story per day. Still haven’t found one for today…

The other thing we did this weekend is break our house. :-( We were trying to run CAT5 cable through the walls, and in the process, succeeded in burning out an electric outlet, cracking the ceiling, and breaking our cable fishing tape. Oh, and we never did get the CAT5 in place.

For those unfamiliar, a cable fishing tape is like a large measuring tape, except the tape is thinner and stronger. You run it through the wall in order to thread cables between floors. It has a red light on the end to make it easier to see when you get it to the right place. Well, no matter what I did, I couldn’t get it all the way through. When I finally decided to give up, I pulled it out, and the light had broken off. I looked in the wall (past the electric outlet I blew), and saw a little red light sitting on some insulation.

And, I left it there. What could I do? I’m sure it would be impossible to get it out, and even if I did get it out, it couldn’t be fixed. There was also no way to turn it off. There seemed to be nothing to do but leave a tiny red light glowing in my wall.

So, come visit the Mabray house — we left a light on for ya… :-)