Well, Now I Know

Monday, February 25, 2002

I was able to check out News Goat in some different browsers. Audrey & the Palm both display it without the CSS formatting — just one long column, starting from the left column. Not pretty, but functional. Then, I found that I still had a copy of Netscape 4.7. After correcting a minor error I had made, it was readable. Not exactly how I have it designed, but not bad. Looking at it at work with IE 5.5, some of the fonts were a little big, so I dropped them a size. I’ll have to see how it looks at home before I decide whether to keep it that way.

I have once again caused a web hosting company to disappear. This time it’s swhu.com, which currently cannot be reached. I told the guy to cancel my account and give me a refund (according to the 30-day money back guarantee their website claims), but he’s refusing to give me a full refund. sigh People like that make me tired. Fortunately, I paid with a credit card, so it really doesn’t matter what the guy does — the credit card company will make it right. Actually, dealing with this guy has been amusing — I’ll put up a complete story about our adventures, soon.