As mentioned previously, I’m looking for a book on CSS. I’ve been researching them, and I had it narrowed down to two — Cascading Style Sheets: A Definitive Guide by Eric Meyer and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) by Example by Steve Callihan. Based on the various online reviews, I had almost decided on the Callihan book. It’s newer, and the Meyer book doesn’t cover much about CSS2. Then, I went to Callihan’s site. Ugh. Then, I went to Meyer’s site. Wow. This guy is doing the kind of stuff with CSS that I want to do. This demonstrates the differences between knowing a language and understanding how to use it.

So, I ordered the Meyer book. It’s an O’Reilly book — you can’t hardly go wrong there. And, I figure I can pick up the CSS2 stuff later, when it’s better supported.

I can’t wait to remove the tables from News Goat… :-)