Weird, Wild, Wacky

Monday, February 11, 2002

Our Mensa website has magically returned. It, and our web host disappeared off the face of the Internet nearly 2 weeks ago, then returned this afternoon, with absolutely no mention of where they’ve been.

And, of course, nothing has changed. I’m still getting some strange problems. Occasionally, quotation marks are showing up with backslashes in front of them. And in some places, quotation marks are being inserted into links where directory names are supposed to be. But only occasionally. Very weird. I’m going to contact Sweethomes — again — and see if they can explain what’s been going on.

Speaking of Mensa… we hosted the monthly Second Friday dinner at Taste of China. Angela’s parents were coming in for the weekend, so they met us there. We had a small turnout, but the food was great.

Speaking of Angela’s parents… They helped us do some remodeling this weekend. Or, at least, they started to. While installing a light kit on a ceiling fan, Angela’s dad got a nasty cut on his thumb. They headed back early to get his thumb taken care of — after he insisted on finishing the ceiling fan. :-) Some people are too tough for their own good…

Speaking of remodeling… On Sunday, Angela & I installed recessed lights in the main bathroom. It was our first heavy duty remodeling job, and it turned out really well. Before this, the bathroom had a couple of old looking globes hanging in front of the mirror — it didn’t give off good light, and it took up a lot of the mirror. The amount of light/mirror space is much better now.

Speaking of a 71 foot long Slinky… Well, if you weren’t speaking of it before, you will be now… :-)