Happy Big Trash Day

Monday, February 4, 2002

In honor of my 25th birthday, Oklahoma City declared this “Big Trash Day.” Isn’t that nice? :-) Angela & I thought that was funny, so that’s been the joke all day. She even made me a “Big Trash Day” cake, complete with garbage trucks. How cool is that? :-)

Angela & I took the day off. I have this tradition — I don’t work on my birthday. Seems like the kind of thing everybody should do, if they can.

Angela got me some really good gifts — a cordless optical mouse and a pen drive. The mouse is great — it’s nice not to have to worry about cords or mousepads. And the pen drive is just the coolest thing ever. It’s a little gadget, about the size of a lighter, with a removable cap that reveals a USB connector. Plug it in to any computer, and you’ve got a 128MB drive. I really think these things will catch on for portable storage. It’s much easier than burning a CD, and you can transport stuff back and forth without both computers having the same equipment (except for a USB port, which just about every computer has these days). And it works on just about any operating system, and you can get ones as big as 1GB. And it’s a cool looking keychain. :-)

So, I’ve had a really good big trash day. Happy big trash day to you, wherever you are. :-)