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If you don’t watch Alias or Lost you can safely skip this post.

Now that I’ve watched the season finales of both shows, I thought it time I reveal the secret of Lost. It was rather easy to figure out — J.J. Abrams gave the whole thing away when elements from Lost appeared on Alias. It’s obvious, isn’t it? The plane crashed on Rambaldi Island. Rambaldi is very much alive — immortality is a simple problem for somebody who can design a floating ball that turns people into zombies — and he and his followers are continuing to screw with people from this island.

There you have it: The mysteries of Lost revealed. You don’t need to watch anymore.

You’re welcome.

On Saturday, Angela and I attended a writing workshop at one of the metro-area libraries. Author Harvey Stanbrough taught us about flash fiction — a complete story in less than 100 words.

It sounds impossible, but Stanbrough had some clever examples, and we even wrote some of our own. It was fun, and something I want to keep doing, even if I never have any of them published. I’m sure there’s a market for such things — magazines always need filler of various sizes. But, I’m not sure about the ROI. They probably don’t pay much per story, so you would have to be able to churn out a bunch of them quickly to make any real money off of it. But, as a writing exercise, it’s a good way to practice very tight writing — boiling a story down to the absolute essentials.

To give you an idea, here are the two stories I wrote on Saturday:

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