June 2002 Archives

Nope, it doesn’t work in Mozilla, and I have no idea why. It is almost an exact copy of my dictionary script. Oh well, I’ll play with it one of these days.

Thanks to Marc Majcher, it has become easy to read NY Times articles without having an account. Now, I don’t have a problem so much with registering, it’s just such a hassle when you want to send someone a link to an article, or post the link to a website, and everyone who wants to read it has to register.

So, for those of us who get tired of seeing a registration form every time we click on a link to an article, I just made Marc’s script even easier to access. First, copy this link to your link toolbar, bookmark list, etc. Right-click on a link to a NY Times article, and copy that link. Then click the toolbar link and paste the URL into the prompt.

It works in IE, I haven’t tried it in Mozilla yet, but it should work there, too. If you’ve got JavaScript turned off, it definitely won’t work. I’m sure I’m not the first person to figure out how to do this, but it’s handy, so there ya go.

Found some useful, road trip related links in an Ask Slashdot article:

Abby has come and gone several times since my last post. Last I checked, she’s still with us. More on that and more when I have time.

If anyone has seen this dog, please let us know.

Abby is currently AWOL. She has escaped the backyard several times since she came to live with us, but this time she managed to shed her collar. Just yesterday, we finished what we thought would be an impenetrable shield against dogs that dig — chicken wire (Except it’s called poultry mesh these days… I guess the chickens were offended). We stapled it to the bottom of the fence and staked it into the ground. Unfortunately, the makers of chicken wire do not design it to contain 60 lb. chickens with strong claws. Abby was able to rip the chicken wire away from the fence and re-dig the hole we had recently filled in. We found her, but couldn’t catch her. Hopefully, she’ll decide to come home on her own.

And, I was all set to complain about something here, but, you know what? Life is too short. So… it’s all good.